Who’s Going To Drop Out First?

Trump announced he’s not showing up on Wednesday. With four indictments hanging around his neck and more than enough support to secure the nomination, he’s sitting this one out. 

Now, we’re left with the D-team: the crew of sycophants auditioning for vice president, the scattered moral backbones polling at 1%, and a few candidates who’re just wasting the money of GOP mega donors. 

They’ll all end up dropping out and endorsing Trump. The debate on Wednesday isn’t about beating him. It’s about getting his attention for a spot in his cabinet.

It’s going to be a night of railing against the GOP’s favorite invisible monsters and excusing Trump’s blatant criminality. Someone might take a shot against the dear leader, and in a few short months they’ll be apologizing for it.  

The question we have for you, is who’s going to have the biggest debate flop? And when it happens, how long will it take for them to drop out and endorse Trump? 

The first debate is the first hurdle in every campaign. One slip up, one Marco Rubio moment, can send a candidate packing. They’re all headed to the same destination. It’s all about how they’re gonna get a speaking spot at the GOP convention. 

So let us know exactly how you think this’ll shake out. As always, we’re looking for the funniest, most clever answers here. 


-The Lincoln Project

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