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  • Lincoln Project Drops First Ad Supporting Kamala HarrisLincoln Project

    Lincoln Project Drops First Ad Supporting Kamala Harris The Warrior America Needs July 22, 2024 — The Lincoln Project is wasting no time in getting to work behind Kamala Harris’ bid for the White House, dropping a new ad this morning. Harris is the warrior America needs to soundly defeat Donald Trump and Project 2025…. READ MORE

  • Lincoln Project Thanks President Biden For His Incredible Service

    Lincoln Project Thanks President Biden For His Incredible Service July 21, 2024 — The Lincoln Project thanks President Biden for today’s incredible selflessness by putting the nation’s best interests ahead of politics. Stepping down demonstrates his love of the nation and his unflagging commitment to democracy.  We thank him not only for his actions today,… READ MORE

  • ICYMI: Rick Wilson Recaps Bizarre GOP Convention on LP Podcast

    ICYMI: Rick Wilson Recaps Bizarre GOP Convention on LP Podcast July 19, 2024 —Earlier today on The Lincoln Project podcast, co-founder Rick Wilson offered his thoughts following the conclusion of the Republican National Convention. Wilson addresses several “elephants in the room” including Trump’s ego busting 93 minute rambling speech, the ridiculous ear bandage trend, and… READ MORE


The Lincoln Project is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy. Since our launch in December 2019, The Lincoln Project has played a unique role in American politics. We entered the political arena with two stated objectives: first, to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box in 2020. (Done.) The second was to ensure Trumpism failed alongside him. We understand that the real fight against Trumpism is just beginning and we’re committed to seeing it through. Our democracy depends on it.

Founded by former Republican strategists who understood the grave threat of Trumpism to our nation, the Lincoln Project team has expanded to include individuals from across the political spectrum. We are first and foremost: pro-democracy.


Our mission is to protect the American Republic from Donald Trump and those who identify (publicly or privately) as MAGA supporters. While we are optimistic about the future, we are not complacent. In 2020, it took an ad-hoc coalition to ensure Trump’s defeat. In 2022, we built a coalition across the political spectrum and again bought democracy some breathing room. We agree with Trump on only one thing: 2024 is a battle for America’s future.

President Abraham Lincoln led the United States through the bloodiest, most divisive, and most decisive period of our nation’s history. He fought not because he wanted to, but because he knew the dual goals of preserving the Union and the end of slavery would be achieved only through armed conflict. At Gettysburg, he implored us not to forget those who had given “their last full measure of devotion” to preserving the American experiment.

Today, we find our nation divided again – faced with a growing authoritarian movement populated by millions of radicalized voters for whom this fight is existential as well as hyper-partisanship and Ultra-MAGA movements within the government itself. Donald Trump and those who ascribe to Trumpism are a clear and present danger to the Constitution and our Republic.

This is why we fight.