What’s Your Favorite Ad From 2023? Vote Now!

We’re just a few months into 2023 and our ads have already played in Mar-a-Lago, stalked DeSantis around on his “pre-presidential campaign” (good odds it lasts longer than his actual campaign), and lit up every screen at the Fox News HQ.

Are we missing anything? Oh yeah, they’ve also been lighting up the four brain cells that float around Trump’s skull.

It’s been a great start to the year, and now we want to know from The Lincoln Project community. Which has been your favorite ad we’ve dropped so far? Vote for your favorite below.

Remember when pushing strongman tactics on an animated mouse made DeSantis the Fox News darling? We made sure Trump knew by dropping this ad inside Mar-a-Lago. (And no, we didn’t feel an ounce of pity for the poor aide who had to clean the ketchup off Trump’s gilded chandelier.)

Mr. “Rob” Dion DeSantis has no shot at the White House. But we sure do love trolling the authoritarian fool.

The Dominion lawsuit exposed that The Big Lie was just that. A lie. And every mouthpiece at Fox News knew it. We delivered this message directly to Murdoch and Trump. Our sources say it hurt their feelings.

-The Lincoln Project

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