What Sustaining Support Means

Reed, Rick, Stuart, and Joe have written to you a lot recently about the work we’re doing and the messaging contrast we’re hitting on as we approach the 2024 election. 

Today, we want to take a step back and give some context as to how we accomplish that work here at The Lincoln Project. 

Now, for those of you that were back with us in 2022 and 2020, you know what we can accomplish. We’re the leading pro-democracy organization in America. We’ve built a messaging pipeline into the minds of millions of swing voters. And of course, we always maintain a vast real estate empire in Trump’s noggin. He ought to charge us rent.

Simply put, with the stakes in American politics this high, with Trump’s autocratic movement so close to the White House once again, we know that our work is as important as ever. 

That’s why we’ve got a whole team working with our leading strategists to make those hard-hitting videos that only we can make. We’ve had countless strategy sessions to determine how to most effectively place those ads. And we’ve got The Union — our grassroots organization working on the ground to turn out voters in the states that need it the most. 

It takes a lot of time, resources, and effort to maintain and build the organization we’ve put together. But you’re reading this email because you believe in the work we’re doing. 

The best way to support that work is to sign up and make a monthly contribution. It’s how to ensure that we can continue our job until we banish Trump from our politics for good. Click the button below and help be a part of the growing monthly group of donors who sustain our work >>


Thanks for being with us in this fight. We promise that it’ll be worth it when it’s all said and done. 

-The Lincoln Project

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There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.