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The Lincoln Project was founded in 2019 on the principle that democracy can only survive when our elected officials put loyalty to country over any political party. In 2020, America answered this call and Donald Trump’s dangerous presidency came to an end. Now, four years later, Donald Trump is threatening democracy again and we at The Lincoln Project have been ready. Waging a nonstop campaign against his dangerous candidacy and continuing to highlight the fundamental choice: America or Trump. 

The stark contrast between Trump’s vision for America and the ideals our nation was founded upon are made clear through the ads our organization has released to the public and on television, receiving tens of millions of views and air time all across the country. With Lincoln Project’s trademark style and unapologetic language, our organization has, more than any other group, made clear the choice Americans are faced with in the coming election.

Our strategy hinged on leveraging digital platforms to maximize reach and engagement. We created a series of targeted ads and web videos, each tailored to address specific themes such as democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. Our web video content was designed to be highly reactive to current events, providing timely and poignant commentary that resonated with audiences and agitated our adversaries.

The “America or Trump” campaign achieved remarkable engagement across various platforms, sparking widespread discussion, debate, controversy, and, most importantly, sobering reality to a public that may not have wanted to believe Trump would run again. Garnering tens of millions of views, our message resonated deeply with a broad audience, transcended political divides, energized Joe Biden’s base, and put Trump’s allies on notice.

Chief Creative and Head Writer: Rick Wilson

Creative Director: Michelle Kinney

Senior Creative Advisors and EPs: Joseph Wartnerchaney and Ben Howe

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