Trump’s Unhinged Press Conference Remarks ‘As Prepared For Delivery’

May 31, 2024 – Convicted felon Donald Trump gave an unhinged, rambling, stammering, unintelligible press statement in Manhattan this morning. Since Trump is the bestest speaker, we thought you might want to reread them. Here are his remarks as ‘prepared for delivery’: 

“Thank you very much everybody this is a a case where if they can do this to me they can do this to anyone these are bad people these are in many cases I believe sick people when you look at our country what’s happening where millions and millions of people are flowing in from all parts of the world not just South America from Africa from Asia from the Middle East and they’re coming in from jails and prisons and they’re coming in from mental institutions and insane asylums they’re coming in from all over the world into our country and we have a president and a group of fascists that don’t want to do anything about it because they could right now today he could stop it but he’s not they’re destroying our country our country is in very bad shape and they’re very much against me saying these things they want to raise your taxes by four times they want to stop you from having cars with their ridiculous mandates that make it impossible for you to get a car or afford a car but make it very possible for China to build all of our cars it’s a very serious problem that we have we just uh went through one of many experiences where we had a conflicted judge highly conflicted there’s never been a more conflicted judge now I’m under a gag order which nobody’s ever been under no presidential candidate’s ever been under a gag order before I’m under a gag order nasty gag order where I’ve had to pay thousands of dollars in penalties and fines and was threatened with jail think of it I’m the leading candidate I’m leading Biden by a lot and I’m leading the Republicans to the point where that’s over so I’m the leading person for president and I’m under a gag order by a man that can’t put two sentences together given by a court and they are in total conjunction with the White House and the DOJ just so you understand this is all done by Biden and his people maybe it’s people more importantly I don’t know if Biden knows too much about it because I don’t know if he knows about anything but he’s nevertheless the president so we have to use his name and this is done by Washington and nobody’s ever seen anything like it so we have a judge who’s highly conflicted you know what the confliction is nobody nobody wants to write about it and I’m not allowed to talk about it if I do he said I get put in jail so we’ll play that game a little bit longer we won’t talk about it but you’re allowed to talk about it I hope you do because there’s never been anybody so conflicted as this as far as the trial itself it was very unfair we weren’t allowed to allowed to use our election expert under any circumstances uh you saw what happened to some of the witnesses that were on our side they were literally crucified by this man who looks like an angel but he’s really a devil he looks so nice and soft people say oh he seems like such a nice man no unless you saw him in action and you saw that with a certain witness that went through hell and when we wanted to do things he wouldn’t let him he wouldn’t let us do those things but when the government wanted something they got everything they got everything they wanted it’s a rigged it was a rigged trial we wanted a venue change where we could have a fair trial we didn’t get it we wanted a judge change we wanted a judge that wasn’t conflicted and obviously he didn’t do that uh there’s nobody’s ever seen anything like it we had a DA who is a failed DA crime is rampant in New York violent crime that’s what he’s really supposed to be looking at crime is rampant in New York yesterday in McDonald’s you had a man hitting them up with with machetes a machete whoever can imagine even a machete being wielded in a store in a place where they’re eating and he’s going rampant and Bragg is down watching a trial on what they call uh crimes crimes they’re falsifying business records that sounds so bad to me it sounds very bad you know it’s only a misdemeanor but to me it sounds so bad when they say falsifying business that’s a bad thing for me I’ve never had that before I’m falsifying you know what falsifying business records is in the first degree they say falsifying business records sound so good right it means that legal expense I paid a lawyer totally legal I paid a lawyer a legal expense and a bookkeeper without any knowledge from me correctly marked it down in the books very professional woman highly respected she testified marked it down to the books as a legal expense so a legal expense paid a lawyer is a legal expense in the books it’s not uh sheet rock construction or any other thing it’s a legal expense think of that this is what the falsification of business records were and I said what else are you going to call it what else are you going to call it now I would have testified I wanted to testify the theory is you never testify because as soon as you testify anybody if it were George Washington don’t testify because they’ll get you on something that you said slightly wrong and then they sue you for perjury but I didn’t care about that I wanted to but the judge allowed them to go into everything that I was ever involved in not this case everything that I was ever involved in which is a first other words you could go into every single thing that I ever did was he a bad boy here was he a bad boy there and my lawyer said what do you need to go through and all you wanted to do is testify simply on this case because I would have loved to have testified to this day I would have liked to have testified but you would have been you would have said something out of whack like it was a beautiful sunny day and it was actually raining out and I very much appreciate the big crowd of people outside that’s incredible what’s happening the level of support has been incredible so the whole thing is legal expense was marked down as legal expense think of this this is my this is the crime that I committed that I’m supposed to go to jail for 187 years for when you have violent crime all over this city at levels that nobody’s ever seen before where you have businesses leaving and businesses are leaving because of this because heads of businesses say man we don’t want to get involved with that I could go through the books of any business person in this city and I could find things that in theory I guess let’s indict him let’s destroy his life but I’m out there and I don’t mind being out there because I’m doing something for this country and I’m doing something for our constitution it’s very important far beyond me and this can’t be allowed to happen to other presidents it should never be allowed to happen in the future but this is far beyond me this is bigger than Trump this is bigger than me this is bigger than my presidency and the people understand it because I just see a poll just came out the Daily Mail that was the first one came out was done last night right after the verdict where I’m up six points six points from what we already were we were leading fairly substantially we’re up six points in the Daily Mail poll now maybe other polls come out and says something differently but a lot of people have predicted it because the public understands and they understand what what’s going on this is a scam this is a rigged trial it shouldn’t have been in that venue we shouldn’t have had that judge he should have allowed allowed us to have an election expert we had the best expert most respected expert head of the federal elections commission he was all set to testify he was waiting for two days and when it was his turn Bragg’s people protested and the judge knocked them out said you can’t test testify he actually said you can’t testify for anything having to do with the trial you can say what the federal elections is well that doesn’t help everybody knows that but you can’t testify so essentially he wasn’t able to testify other people weren’t able to testify but with these people they were able to use people salacious by the way and nothing ever happened there was no anything nothing ever happened and they know it but they were as salacious as they could be and it had nothing to do with the case but it had to do with politics and do you notice the timing the timing was perfect this case was dead it was dropped by every agency every governmental board it was dropped by the highly respected southern district they said no there’s no case here it was dropped by federal election and that’s what it’s about this about a federal election not a state election you’re not even allowed to look at it they took the state and the city and they went into a federal election they’re not allowed the people from federal election Southern District and Washington dropped the case everybody dropped the case there was no case Cy Vance dropped the case and when Bragg came in he said this is the most ridiculous case I’ve ever seen and who would have a certain person again gag order who would have a certain person like this ever testify he said this is essentially one of the worst people I’ve I’ve ever seen ever to testify he said the craziest case I’ve ever seen this is Bragg then when I announced I was running for president long time later they decided to revive this case and they got a judge judge Merchan who was responsible for another case that was also brought it destroyed the life of a very good man by the way destroyed the life of a very good man who went to prison once and then they just put him in prison again because they said he he lied he didn’t lie I looked at the statements he made in fact he didn’t remember something and they put him in jail again they’ve destroyed him with me for many years he was an honorable person he was an honest man and if you look at what he did supposedly it never happened there’s never been anything like this over the education of his grandchildren over he didn’t report that he had a car or two cars on his income I don’t know I wonder how many people here have cars I wonder how many people said oh gee I have a car that’s worth X doll how do you even figure it and I guess you do have to report it but I would say probably almost nobody does nobody even thinks about it they put this man they destroyed this man but they put him in jail again because they didn’t want him to testify they didn’t want him to testify that’s why he went to jail put him in jail twice he’s 77 years old now normally I’d say that’s an old guy but I don’t feel 77 nobody ever says that about me I’d like them to say gee we have to have a little sorrow for this man because they don’t they just don’t say that about me but maybe I’m better off that way I think I’m probably better off that way but they put him in jail twice and you have to see what they put him in jail and he was threatened by the judge this man was told you’re going to get 15 years in jail if you don’t give up Trump and he was told that you’re gonna get 15 years in jail and he made a plea deal because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life and he was told that viciously we’re living in a in a fascist state he was told that viciously so you can go to jail for four months 5 months or you can get 15 years in jail so do a plea almost who wouldn’t do that plea everyone does those pleas it’s a horrible thing there’s a whole group of lawyers that fight that it’s so unfair it’s so unfair but they destroyed his life so many other things uh you look at Southern District didn’t want to bring the case nobody wanted to bring the case and then you know who didn’t want to bring the case most of all is Bragg Bragg didn’t want to bring it but then he brought it and they tried to make it a different case they didn’t say legal expense equal legal expense again if I wrote down and paid a lawyer and by the way this was a highly qualified lawyer now I’m not allowed to use his name because of the gag order but you know he’s a sleazebag everybody knows that took me a while to find out but he was effective he did work but he wasn’t a fixer he was a lawyer you know they like to use the word fixer he wasn’t a fix he was a lawyer at the time he was a a fully accredited lawyer now he got into trouble not because of me he got into trouble because he made outside deals and he had something to do with taxi cabs and medallions and he borrowed money and that’s why he went and then he pled to three uh three election violations and as soon as I saw that I said I wonder why he did that he pled he took a deal now he took a deal because he wanted to get off in other words I’ll take a plea deal and I want to get off and he wanted to make a deal with the Southern District and they wrote the worst report I think I’ve ever seen on any human being other than the report that was written on James Comey by the Inspector General a very great Inspector General general actually wrote a report that was so bad this one was possibly worse the southern district the judge didn’t let us use it he said it’s hearsay said it’s not hearsay wouldn’t let us use it this is about the man but he got in trouble for a very simple reason because he was involved with borrowing a lot of money and he did something with the bank side I don’t know if it defrauded the banks but something happened you guys know what it is and then in addition into that he gave up on three things where he wasn’t guilty in fact they were going to testify in that the uh head of the FEC the Brad Smith the election expert number one rated in the country was going to testify he took a plea on three things he just added them in because that gave him more bargaining power with respect to me but the three things that he pled on having to do with the election and having to do essentially a little bit with me uh they weren’t crimes they weren’t crimes nor is paying money under an NDA so we have an NDA non-disclosure agreement it’s a big deal a non-disclosure agreement totally honorable totally good totally accepted everybody has them every company has non-disclosure agreements but the press called it slush fund and all sorts of other things hush money hush money it’s not hush money it’s called the non-disclosure agreement and most of the people in this room have a non-disclosure agreement with their company it’s a disgrace so it’s not hush money it’s a non-disclosure agreement totally legal totally common everyone has it and what happened is he signed a non-disclosure agreement with this person I guess other people but it’s totally honest you’re allowed to make the payment could you don’t have to make it you can make it any way you want it’s an non disclosure agreement and he signed that and there was nothing wrong with signing it and this should have been a non case and everybody said it was a non- case including Bragg Bragg said until I ran for office and then they saw the polls I was leading the Republicans I was leading the Democrats I was leading everybody and all of a sudden they brought it back it’s a very sad thing that’s happening in our country and it’s a uh it’s a thing that I’m honored in a way I’m honored it’s not that it’s pleasant it’s very bad for family it’s very bad for friends and businesses but I’m honored to be involved in it because somebody has to do it and I might as well keep going and be the one but I’m very honored to be involved because we’re fighting for our constitution the money that was paid was paid legally there was nothing illegal in fact the lawyer in creating the NDA because at that time he was a fully accredited lawyer he wasn’t a fixer I never thought of him as a fixer the media called him a fixer or the prosecutors called him a fixer he was a he was a lawyer and he was fairly good later on I didn’t like what he did I didn’t like for instance I didn’t like that when I became president he went around and made deals with companies when I heard that he was gone he was gone and he had payments coming to him and a lot of this involved things that are very simple there was nothing wrong these were standard this was standard stuff all standard stuff everything involved was standard there was no crime here in fact I just watched a couple of the reports you watched Jonathan Turley Andy McCarthy Gregg Jarrett you look at all of these people Mark Levin all very talented ented people great people many more many more and they don’t know me essentially they don’t know me that legal scholars and experts but I look at them I watched uh early this morning saying there’s no crime here everybody says there’s no crime here except for this da that’s got the the city out of control with crime it’s out of it’s absolutely out of control so we have an NDA that was signed we we have legal expenses and here’s the thing on legal expenses uh you have 100 where they say they do a charge I just recorded this out falsification of business records in the first degree it sounds so bad I said wow and even my own lawyers I I get very upset with them because they don’t say what it is they say uh well falsification of legal uh records is only a felony well that’s a lot is only a they say a misdemeanor but they try and bring it up to a felony if there’s two crimes they have all these different things the other thing is they missed the statute of limitations by a lot because this was very old they could have brought this seven years ago instead of bringing it right in the middle of the election so they missed the statute of limitations they did everything now let me give you the good news the good news is last night night we just got a report this morning in the history of politics I believe maybe I’m wrong that somebody will find that I’m wrong maybe but I don’t think so they raised with small money donors meaning like $21 $42 $53 $38 a record $39 million dollar in a about a 10-hour period no think of that I like those people because so far I guess it’s backfiring now I don’t know I’d rather not have it happen I don’t want to have it backfiring I want to win this thing legitimately not because they were stupid and did things that they shouldn’t be doing they shouldn’t have brought this case they were saying it this morning this is a case that should not have been brought I watched Danny McCarthy say this is a case that should not have been brought and that was this morning but they all say that every legal scholar has said it every legal and these are great people they really understand the law the other thing a poll just came out the first poll I don’t know maybe others will be bad but a poll just came out a little while ago the Daily Mail does anybody read The Daily Mail it’s very good they have a good poll at least I like it today and the Daily Mail just came out with a poll and it has Trump up six points in the last 12 hours six points six points since this happened who thought this could happen because the people of our country know it’s a hoax they know it’s a hoax they get it you know they’re really smart and uh it’s really something so we’re going to be appealing this scam we’re going to be appealing it on many different things he wouldn’t allow us to have witnesses he wouldn’t allow us to talk he wouldn’t allow us to do anything the judge was a tyrant and you got to see that with Bob Costello a fine man I’ve never seen anything like it and neither has anybody that was in that courthouse where he demanded that the courthouse be cleared now the good news is most of the people in the courthouse were the media and anybody that was in the media of your fair you’ll say wow that was anger that was craz he was crazed and the reason that Bob Costello acted a little bit upset which I think he has a right to was that every question he was being asked was being asked was being objected to by the other side and sustained by the judge sustained sustained sust I think he did it many times I don’t know what the number many times even I was sitting there saying and these were basic questions and he I never saw anybody treated that way by a judge and I’ve been treated very badly by two other judges also because it’s all the same thing and it all comes out of the White House crooked Joe Biden the worst president in the history of our country he’s the worst president in the history of our country the most incompetent he’s the dumbest president we’ve ever had he’s the dumbest president most incompetent president and he’s the most dishonest president we’ve ever had and so many many of the he’s a Manchurian Candidate you take a look at the way he treats China Russia so many others you know I ended the Russian Pipeline it was dead he comes in and he approves it and he gets three and a half million meaning three and a half million is paid to the family his family from the mayor of moscow’s wife and I said where did that come from nobody wants to talk about it but he’s a very big danger to our country and the only way they think they can win this election is by doing exactly what they’re doing right now win it in the courts because they can’t win it at the ballot box so we’re going to show them that oh we’re going to fight it’s it’s actually I don’t know it’s something where I’m wired in such a way that a lot of people would have gone away a long time ago they would have gone away after impeachment hoax number one that was a total hoax I had great support from the Republican party though then you had impeachment hoax number two and then they formed the committee how about they formed the committee of thugs the j6 committee of thugs and they took their records and they destroyed all of the records after the committee was abandoned because those records were great for us now can you imagine if Republicans did that everybody would have been in jail by now do you think of the the unselect I call it the unselect they call it select committee I call it the unselect committee of thugs they meet it’s 100% Democrat and two past Republicans that are no longer Republicans that are no longer in business anymore thank you but it was all Democrats and two Wayward Republicans Liz Cheney and cryan Adam Kinzinger he cries every time he goes on television the most emotional human being I think I’ve ever seen and that was our Representatives these two people were our rep so they had all this stuff that they’re leaking and then when a team came time to look at the records like where the police said and the uh Capitol guard said that I supplied think of it that I recommended as many soldiers or National Guard as you want 10,000 if you had 500 you wouldn’t have had a problem wouldn’t have been a j6 but Nancy Pelosi and the group didn’t want it anyway so they have testimony to all of that that I did not attack the secret service agent in the front of a car you know these are strong people and I supposedly went to the driver and I grabbed him around the neck and he rebuffed me and then I went to the other guy who I think is a black belt in karate and he’s slightly younger than me maybe 35 years 40 years 50 years and I grabbed him around the neck and said he’s a black belt in karate they know how to get somebody from around their neck they would have gone like this and that would be the end of that actually I had a friend that said you shouldn’t dispute that that makes you look like the toughest cookie we’ve ever seen you should have let that go on but the fact is it never happened it was all made up and that was proven to be made up it proved to be a false story and they deleted and destroyed all of that information every ounce of it we’re dealing with a corrupt government we have a corrupt country our elections are corrupt our borders are open our borders are going to be closed very soon November 5th is going to be the most important day in the history of our country now when I say that because my people are always saying do this do this because we’re fighting for America I hope everybody watching right now because it really makes a difference uh they have a lot of money in the other side I don’t know where they get it nobody knows where they get it but for some reason they get money but they’re not on the side of our country in many ways I think they hate our country who on Earth can want open borders where people are allowed to pour in from countries unknown from places unknown from languages that we don’t even that we haven’t even heard of we have people sitting in schools with languages where very few people have ever even heard of these languages it’s not like Spanish or French or Russian languages unknown we have people coming from corners of the globe and many of them are not good people many terrorists record levels of terrorism record levels of terorists have come into our country record they’ve never seen anything like it you know there was a report that in 2019 I don’t believe this by the way the media gave it and it was good for me believe it or not they said in 2019 there were no terrorists recorded that came into our country I don’t believe that I don’t think that’s possible but they actually 2019 was a Trump year I don’t believe that that could be possible but they said no terrorist came into our country so let’s say it was close let’s say it was close but now record levels of terrorists record levels the highest level we’ve ever seen of terrorists are pouring into our country you have China with just in the last few months 29,000 people came in and I looked at them on a line and they look like perfect soldiers they’re almost all male from 19 to 25 it looks like a recruiting exercise they have beautiful tents they have propane stoves they have cell phones the best you can buy I said what’s going on it looks like they’re building an army right in our country now I don’t think that would happen right we’re losing our country and I really think that this is an event what took place yesterday with this judge look we have conflicted but he’s a crooked judge and you’ll understand that and I say that knowing that it’s very very dangerous for me to say that and I don’t mind because I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to save our country and to save our constitution I don’t mind so so thank you so we will continue the fight uh we’re going to make America great again very simple when people fight magga they say we’re going to fight I watch Biden we’re going to fight MAGA we’re going to stop MAGA it’s make America great again that’s all it is MAGA make America great again our country is in serious trouble we owe 36 trillion dollar we were going to be we were energy independent for the first time ever and now we’re begging Venezuela for oil one statistic you have to hear Venezuela was crime ridden Caracas the cities crime ridden two years ago three years ago they just reported a 72% drop in crime in the last year because all of their criminals most of them and the rest are coming in now the ones that didn’t come in in Venezuela their prisons have been emptied into the United States their criminals and drug dealers have been taken out of the Cities and brought into the United States and that’s true with many other countries the Congo has just released a lot of people from jail Congo Africa just released a lot of people a lot of people from their prisons and jails and brought them into the United States of America this is what’s happening to our country and it’s not sustainable by anyone little things like our kids can’t have a little league game anymore because you have tents and you have migrants living on the fields that’s the least of it uh people are taking over a luxury hotels migrants and yet our veterans our great veterans are living on the streets like dogs they’re living on the streets but migrants are living in luxury hotels and cities all over our country run by democrats so it’s my honor to be doing this it really is it’s a very uh unpleasant thing to be honest but it’s a great great honor we’re going to we’re going to do what I have to do I’m going to do it and and the support has been that’s why I mentioned the number of $39 million that’s why I mentioned we’re up six points and we went up a lot over the last month because everybody saw it was a rigged deal it was a rigged trial but we’re going to make America great again we’re going to make it better than ever before November 5th remember November 5th is the most important day in the history of our country thank you very much everybody.”

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