Lincoln Project: The Trump Primary Train Won’t be Stopped

August 14, 2023
Reed Galen and Rick Wilson, co-founders of The Lincoln Project, release the following statement on Trump’s indictment in Georgia: 

“Today’s 41 count indictment of 19 people connected to Donald Trump outlines the scope and depth of Trump’s criminal enterprise and its effort to overthrow the will of the American people and illegally install himself as president. 

“Despite being indicted on 12 additional counts of trying to overturn the 2020 election, GOP candidates will continue to support Trump’s concerted effort to subvert democracy by either pretending he’s innocent, promising to pardon him, or talking tough to get on the debate stage, then caving and supporting his campaign. 

“Anyone believing these charges will stop his nomination is dreaming. Trump can only be defeated at the ballot box in the General Election. 

“This election boils down to a single choice–Donald Trump, the authoritarian candidate who will end America as we know it, or Joe Biden, the only candidate who stands to uphold our cherished ideals of democracy and freedom for all. This election isn’t about policy or ideology; it’s about preserving the American republic and representative democracy from a criminal who will use his power to destroy it.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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