The Lincoln Project On Trump Guilty Decision

May 30, 2024 – The Lincoln Project statement on Trump being found guilty: 

With today’s ruling, Trump is a convicted criminal who’s running for President to roll back individual rights and wreck our democracy. 

Sadly, Trump can’t be shamed into doing the right thing by stepping away from the nomination, while his MAGA sycophants care so little for the rule of law that they will join him in his quest for power no matter what laws he breaks or norms he destroys.  

The Lincoln Project always maintained that no matter the outcome of the trial, Trump is a danger to democracy and must be defeated at the ballot box. Now, Americans need to ask themselves, do they really think that if this dangerous criminal is elected, he will defend the nation and protect their interests?

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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