Top 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Won the Second GOP Primary Debate

September 27, 2023
President Biden just keeps on winning. After winning in 2020, destroying McCarthy during the debt ceiling fight, and creating one of the strongest economies in American history, he won the debate tonight and wasn’t even in it. 

  1. Joe Biden has never ordered a violent insurrection on the United States Capitol. 
  2. Joe Biden has never posed for a mugshot. 
  3. Joe Biden doesn’t support criminals running for President, unlike the huge number of cult members on stage tonight.
  4. Joe Biden believes in the leftist woke mob idea that America should remain a democracy.
  5. Joe Biden is a man of his word and governs by principles. 
  6. Joe Biden is smart enough to know striking union members are found on the picket line, not at a non-union labor shop. 
  7. Joe Biden likes when the government stays open and works for the American people. 
  8. Joe Biden has never been impeached even once. 
  9. Joe Biden addresses the world stage and everyone keeps a straight face. 
  10. Joe Biden won’t be jetting between the campaign trail and the courtroom.

This is a race between Biden and Trump. If you ask us, the choice is pretty obvious: Go with the winner, Joe Biden.

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