Lincoln Project: Time For Don Bacon And The Biden 18 To Make A Choice 

October 10, 2023
Since their elections last year, the Biden 18, those Republican Members of Congress elected in districts that President Biden won in 2020, have claimed #MAGA insanity has nothing to do with them. Deposed Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave them cover by putting a corporate face on Trumpism while still doing its bidding: Absolving Trump of his coup attempt, launching a sham impeachment process, and removing critical Ukraine funding from government spending.

There is no real choice between Steve Scalise, who is MAGA in a suit, and Jim Jordan, who proudly displays his MAGA party number. Either man will accelerate the chaos we’ve seen since Republicans took control of the US House earlier this year. Both will fulfill Trump’s goal of a painful government shutdown that will stop military servicemembers and FAA flight controllers from getting paid, food assistance stopped for our nation’s most vulnerable, and attempt to stop Trump’s criminal trials by defunding the Justice Department.

“Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE2) and the rest of the Biden 18 must make a choice: Will they stand with the American people, decency, and democracy here, and around the world, or will they choose Trumpism, and chaos,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project. “They have a responsibility to their constituents to support the institution by finding other choices for Speaker. It’s time for these 18 to put America before politics and finally say enough is enough. Election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and unprincipled autocrats should not rule over the US House of Representatives.”

The 18 Congressional Targets are:

01 – David Schweikert
06 – Juan Ciscomani

13 – John Duarte
22 – David Valadao
27 – Mike Garcia
40 – Young Kim
45 – Michelle Steel

02 – Don Bacon

07 – Tom Kean Jr. 

01 – Nick LaLota  
03 – George Santos 
04 – Anthony D’Esposito
17 – Mike Lawler 
19 – Marc Molinaro
22 – Brandon Williams

05 – Lori Chavez DeRemer

01 – Brian Fitzpatrick

02 – Jen Kiggans

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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