This Ad is Driving Trump Mad in Mar-a-Lago

You didn’t think we missed Ivanka’s testimony, did you? It was the perfect opportunity to send a message directly to our favorite audience member in Mar-a-Lago. It’s been playing wall-to-wall all week. 

We got word that Trump asked to see the ad specifically. And he’s ranting about “they’re running commercials against me.” Guess who the “they” is? Yup, it’s us.

Now, we won’t spoil it for you. Just watch the ad that’s making Trump question the loyalty of his beloved Ivanka >>

We decided to extend this ad buy for a couple more days. Why? Because when Trump is mad, he makes mistakes. When he makes mistakes, it turns off voters. When he loses votes, democracy wins. 

Telling the world that his favorite child is fleecing him while turning her back on the family. That’s how you make Donald’s skin crawl. 

Pitch in and support our latest message campaign. Trump hates it when he can’t turn our ads off.


-The Lincoln Project

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