The MAGA/Trump Manufactured Shutdown

September 25, 2023
The Lincoln Project releases the following statement on the chaos of the GOP budget negotiations:

“Trump and his MAGA sycophants are manufacturing an irresponsible government shutdown to score political points with its conspiracy-loving, autocratic-leaning base. MAGA is running full-speed ahead right now stirring up economic chaos and displaying its willingness to destroy the economy to score cheap points with the Trump base.

“Their agenda is corrupt – they want to shut down funding the defense of Ukraine, interfere in Trump’s criminal prosecutions, and pursue a sham impeachment investigation that would barely qualify as even kangaroo court.

“This is the result of the destruction of the GOP and its replacement by an authoritarian nationalist cult dedicated to political arson and chaos. The GOP of Reagan is gone forever and no leader in the party has a scenario to bring it back. The anarchy we are witnessing shows that the only choice for anyone who believes in economic stability, personal freedom and the rule of law is to vote for President Biden in 2024. Considering any other candidate is a vote for madness.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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