The MAGA Loyalty Cabinet Just Dropped

We hope last night’s mud-slinging contest didn’t fool you. Trump will be the nominee. The JV squad is just fighting for cabinet spots… at best. 

Unfortunately, they’re not getting any. Because while they tip-toed around the “Dear Leader” for two hours last night, Trump’s preferred MAGA cabinet leaked. 

He’s calling it his loyalty cabinet, and it shows just how clear of a threat to democracy another Trump term would be.

The VP spot? Tucker Carlson is Melania’s pick, and Kari Lake, one of the country’s most notorious election deniers, is also in the mix. The biggest qualification is the person’s willingness to reject the certification of any election that would kick Trump out of office. 

Attorney General? Mike Davis, a man who pledged to start the term with a “three-week reign of terror” against journalists and prosecutors who went after Trump. If he isn’t extreme enough, Stephen Miller is ready to take the role and help set the legal groundwork for a war in Mexico. 

Chief of Staff? Who other than the self-proclaimed prince of darkness, Steve Bannon.

That’s not even counting the “shock troops” that Bannon is training to hollow out the administrative state and take over the jobs of career government employees.

We need everyone in the pro-democracy movement on the same page here. In 2024, you’re not just fighting against Trump, it’s a battle against Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, and the MAGA foot soldiers who will carry out the war on democracy. 

Authoritarians surround themselves with loyalists, and after last time, it’s clear that Trump wants only the most committed MAGA enablers. America may not be able to survive four years under this regime.

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-The Lincoln Project

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There is no time for complacency.

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