The Lincoln Project today released the following statement about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce after the special interest group today walked back their commitment to not support Members of Congress who voted against certifying the Electoral College results:

“The United States Chamber of Commerce looks across Lafayette Park at the White House. Today, despite that view, the Chamber announced they were siding with Members of Congress that supported sedition, political violence and disenfranchising millions of African American voters.

There are only two sides in the fight for American democracy, and the Chamber has now announced on which side of the line they stand. The Chamber’s memo states, ‘There is a meaningful difference between a member of Congress who voted no on the question of certifying the votes of certain states and those who engaged and continue to engage in repeated actions that undermine the legitimacy of our elections and institutions.’

“There is in fact, no difference in the case of January 6th, and the insurrection that followed. The 147 Members of Congress who chose to stand with the forces of authoritarianism and against the will of the American people knew full-well what they were doing, and they did it anyway. They knew their votes were based on a fiction: There was no voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential campaign. Nothing was stolen from Donald Trump.

“But now, we know, what we’ve always known: Corporate America will do what it needs to do to protect its own interests, even at the expense of American citizens and our democratic system. The Lincoln Project is not surprised by this action, but we will ensure that the customers, shareholders and suppliers of the Chamber’s biggest financial supporters are aware of the position they took today.

“The leaders of the US Chamber should take the weekend and ask themselves this question: Why do you go to work everyday? Is it to uphold the system that makes the American economy possible – that is democracy – or are you part of a system that just wants the noise to stop and for we as a nation to forget what we all saw two months ago.

“That Ms. Stephenson chose to release her memo on a Friday afternoon is not surprising, it’s classic Establishment Washington tradecraft. Have no fear, when offices open first thing Monday morning, millions of patriotic, law-abiding Americans will be calling to ask why, when you had a choice to make, you chose might makes right.”

“You’ll hear from all of us soon.”

The Lincoln Project is a group of former Republicans who worked to defeat Donald J. Trump and will continue to fight on behalf of American democracy.

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