January 6, 2023The Lincoln Project releases the following statement regarding Kevin McCarthy’s “win” to become Speaker of the House:

“No one should celebrate Kevin McCarthy’s ascension to Speaker of the House. The ridiculous fight that paralyzed Congress for days is only the beginning of the chaos and dysfunction that is to come.

“McCarthy wants to present himself to the media and donors as a bulwark protecting against the MAGA insanity, but he’s just as obsessed with obtaining power. In his shameless quest to become Speaker, McCarthy made himself look pathetic and weak as he sold his dignity, threw away his leverage and begged Trump for his endorsement.

“Now, as the weakest Speaker in modern America, he will preside over a conference that is uninterested in governing and only wants to pursue policies that will hurt the American people and alienate our foreign allies.

“Their extremist agenda is reckless and irresponsible to anyone who believes in a functioning government. Their fanatical plans for the rest of the year include: 

  • Subjecting the nation to a government shutdown and potential debt default that will wreck the economy; 
  • Stopping Ukraine aid that will only help Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, to overrun the nation and kill more innocent people; 
  • Upending one of the most successful programs in history in Social Security;
  • Pursuing endless investigations that will do nothing more than generate appearances on Fox News or hamstring the ability of government agencies to do their job.

“The GOP is now controlled completely by MAGA. It is the party of chaos, destruction and is unconcerned with improving the lives of its constituents. The anarchy will only come to an end when Trump and MAGA are completely defeated.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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