Video Highlights the Heroic Acts of Everyday Americans

WASHINGTON, DC, US, March 31, 2020 –Today, The Lincoln Project released its newest digital video entitled, “Heroes”, highlighting the heroism of everyday Americans in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the midst of this global health crisis, we have seen amazing acts of humanity, kindness, and courage,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of the Lincoln Project.

“Each day, as we hear about the catastrophic consequences of COVID19 spreading across the country, we also witness the extraordinary efforts of our health care workers, first responders, and community leaders as Americans come together to take care of each other as we fight this global pandemic.

“The truly courageous and selfless acts of health care workers, separating themselves from their own families to work tirelessly around the clock to save lives, inspire us all. Community kitchens reaching out to feed the hungry, organizations stepping up to support the most vulnerable in our communities, and folks reaching out to care for their elderly neighbors are just a few examples of Americans going to great lengths to serve others in difficult times.

“‘Heroes’ reminds us all that regardless of our differences, in the face of crisis, we always come together as a nation. This is America at her very best.”

The first case of COVID-19 in America was reported in January, 2020. It has since spread to every state and jurisdiction, infecting more than 120,000 and killing more than 4,500 people. This global pandemic has been declared an international health emergency. In 2018, President Trump ordered the National Security Council’s global health security unit, a team of officials responsible for global health, biodefense, and health security issues, to be disbanded.


There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.