The Lincoln Project: Impeachment Inquiry Highlights MAGA’s Authoritarian Danger 

September 12, 2023
The Lincoln Project releases a statement on the GOP opening a formal impeachment inquiry:

“This impeachment inquiry highlights the authoritarian danger presented by the MAGA movement. The GOP is willing to destroy the rule of law by manufacturing an investigation into President Biden without any known evidence to continue lying to the American public and give Donald Trump a better chance of winning the election.

“It’s no coincidence Kevin McCarthy and MAGA are making this move on the same day Vladimir Putin endorsed Donald Trump for President. They are both evil authoritarian nationalists who will see democracy destroyed to line their own pockets and ensure their own bankrupt vision for the world will be implemented. Putin knows a Trump presidency will be the end of NATO and allow him to conquer Eastern Europe. For MAGA, it’s a corrupt future where MAGA can live consequence-free. Putin controls MAGA, and MAGA controls the GOP.

“President Biden is under attack because he is standing up to the authoritarian forces who want to undermine our democratic institutions. Anyone who believes that America is a beacon of freedom to the world should see through this disgusting and cynical ploy to influence the election.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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