November 7, 2022The Lincoln Project releases a new ad and statement responding to Donald Trump’s third run for President of the United States.

The ad may be viewed here. It will run on Fox News and MSNBC in Washington, DC and West Palm Beach. It will also run digitally around the Florida Governor’s mansion, Mar-A-Lago, RNC headquarters and the Capitol.

“Donald Trump is back. For The Lincoln Project, the dangers Trump poses to America have never left our radar. Even while many on the right and left declared him as, “The Former Guy,” we recognized Trump was a persistent risk to the Republic and our democracy. He’s in, and we’re ready to help defeat him a second time.

“Donald Trump wasn’t only the worst President in American history; he’s the most destructive towards the American Republic and its ideals of free and fair democratic elections.

“Each of the 1,461 days he occupied the White House was an affront to decency, democracy, and sanity. His inept, malicious failures as a leader, an American, and a man was responsible for unprecedented death and economic destruction. Trump is the first and only defeated Presidential candidate to attempt a coup d’état against the American people and install himself as dictator.

“Trump’s total control over the Republican Party is complete, with nearly 300 candidates on the 2022 ballot repeating his Big Lie about his 2020 loss and more than half of GOP voters believing Trump won. Trump will face no serious opposition in the Republican primary in 2024.

“Since he descended the golden escalator nearly eight years ago, Donald Trump has been a blight on our nation, an embarrassment to our Republic, and a reminder that the battle for democracy does not, and cannot sleep.

“Since 2019, The Lincoln Project has called out Donald Trump for what he is: an amoral, power-hungry authoritarian. We have never stopped fighting Trump and the ULTRA-MAGAs who are desperately working to stifle dissent, strangle their opposition, and consolidate power in the hands of their chosen few.

“In 2020, a unique coalition came together to defeat Donald Trump. Today, we stand ready to help lead the fight against him, partnering with any and all pro-democracy, patriotic Americans and organizations committed to this fight. It is no less than the battle for our time.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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