Statement From The Lincoln Project On No Labels’ Desperate Lies

April 18, 2023
Yesterday No Labels issued a false and deceptive statement claiming senior leaders of The Lincoln Project and Third Way are involved in a “extreme dark-money group” called “No Principles” designed to stop No Labels’ plan to divide the anti-Trump vote in the 2024 election. It claims—falsely—that Rick Wilson will be a leader of this group.

Let us be clear: The Lincoln Project is not part of a new group designed to stop No Labels. Rick Wilson has been falsely and maliciously attacked by Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobson in a desperate smear. The truth is quite the opposite: The Lincoln Project and its leadership has been abundantly and publicly clear in opposing the Penn-Jacobson plan that will re-elect Donald Trump.

Objective math shows that a No Labels candidate would take 14% from Biden and 10% from Trump. In a hypothetical 3-way match-up nationally, the No Labels’ candidate would garner 20%, with Biden garnering 28% and Trump taking 33%. They’re not problem solvers; they’re spoilers who plan to throw the election to Donald Trump.

Despite claiming it has a clear path to victory, in the span of a few months No Labels released two very different electoral strategy maps – neither of which have any basis in reality. The maps give up the game: No Labels projects winning two-thirds of their needed electoral vote from states Joe Biden won.

“The first I heard of a so-called “dark money” organization called ‘No Principles’ was when a reporter called me this Saturday,” said Rick Wilson, Lincoln Project co-founder, “I told the reporter I knew nothing of it, had never heard of it, and had nothing to do with it. I fight in the light, not in the shadows.”

“I demand an immediate and complete retraction and apology,” said Wilson.

“We do not need a new group to show how No Labels’ ocean of dark money from billionaire GOP donors is a direct threat to the Republic,” said Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project. “Nancy Jacobson and Mark Penn have one goal; to punish the Democratic Party that rejected and ejected them. Their profitable psychodrama revenge fantasy against Joe Biden and the Clintons is a lie from top to bottom, and their 2024 plan is designed to divide the anti-Trump vote and ensure Trump returns to the Oval Office.”

When America learns that No Labels’ pro-Trump plan is being pushed by ultra-MAGA supporters of Trump, America will learn that No Labels’ motivations are clear. Why else would people like John Catsimatidis, CEO of Gristedes Foods, who gave $550,000 to Trump Victory in 2020, and Clarence Thomas patron Harlan Crow back their effort? And the letter was signed by Governor Pat McCrory – a Co-founder – who shares a top advisor with Donald Trump.

The question is why are Admiral Dennis Blair, Co-Founder, and Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., National Co-Chair going along with this anti-democratic effort to put an authoritarian back in power – what do they stand to gain?

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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