April 27, 2022On Monday, The Lincoln Project began re-sharing its ad that calls out Toyota for resuming political contributions to Republicans who support the Big Lie and tried to prevent President Biden’s election from being certified. The ad tells Toyota that their cynical efforts to put profits ahead of democracy will not be tolerated.

The ad is running on CNBC in New York City and Plano, Texas, as well as digitally in around the top 25 Toyota dealerships in the country.

America took notice after our release. 

Companies resume donating to election deniers

“Well the thing that’s happening here is that Washington is a very comfortable town for lobbyists who go to their corporate sponsors and say ‘hey, I’m gonna go call McCarthy, he’ll take care of this, however there is going to be a risk if we don’t. And there is a perception among the corporate world that the Republicans will take power in the fall and there will be punitive action against them if they don’t pony up right now. And it’s a very simple transactional nature of DC, and so it allows these companies to say, ‘well, okay we’re going to give to people who would have overthrown the entire system that allows free market capitalism to operate in the first place.’

“Because the substitute here isn’t Republican versus Democrat, it’s American versus corporate authoritarianism where if you’re favored by the regime in power you’ll get good things for your bottom line. If you’re not, you’ll be put out of business. And so these companies are afraid that Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell will have power in the fall, they are afraid of the Trump mob. And this dynamic that’s happening in DC right now, it really shows you that these companies do not share American values. I mean companies like Toyota have done enormously well in the American market because this is a free market that protects legitimate, lawful practice in commerce. They are backing people who would burn it all to the ground.” 

CBS News:
Toyota resumes political donations to 2020 presidential election objectors

“The position did little to sway the Lincoln Project, which is dusting off a commercial it made decrying Toyota’s contributions before the company changed its policy last summer.” 

Toyota Keeps Donating to GOP Republicans Who Spread the ‘Big Lie’

“The company resumed its donations to Republican members of Congress who voted to overturn the elections less than a month later… After public outcry and an ad campaign from the Democratic-aligjned “Never Trump” group the Lincoln Project, the company said last summer it would pause those donations.”

The Hill:
Toyota resumes PAC donations to GOP election objectors after pause

“‘Toyota broke its promise and rejoined the sedition caucus,’ Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen said in a statement. ‘Companies like Toyota benefit from the free markets that are protected by our democratic institutions, but they’re endorsing and supporting Big Lie politicians who backed the violent attack on the Capitol.’”


Yahoo Finance: Toyota scrutinized after restarting donations to ‘sedition caucus’

“The Lincoln Project — a group of anti-Trump Republicans — reacted by immediately promising to restart an advertising campaign against the company. Toyota and other companies ‘just don’t think people are paying attention,’ Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen told Yahoo Finance. ‘The point would be: we are paying attention, we are watching, and we will continue to call out those companies who put their personal corporate interests above those of the United States.’”

Automotive News:
Toyota faces renewed criticism after resuming donations to some Biden election objectors

“Toyota Motor Corp. is once again being targeted by a political action committee after resuming donations to certain federal lawmakers.” 

Detroit News:
Anti-Trump PAC launches ad campaign against Toyota over donations to election objectors

“The Lincoln Project is targeting Toyota ‘because they said they would stop making the donations, and when they thought no one was watching, they did it again.’”

Florida Politics:
The Lincoln Project targets Toyota over donations to ‘seditious politicians’

“’The Lincoln Project’s minute-long ad says … It’s time to call Toyota’s corporate leadership. If they don’t reconsider where they send their money, Americans will reconsider where we send ours.’”


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