Perception vs. Reality

We’re going to cut right to the point here. Headlines like this could sink Joe Biden and the entire pro-democracy movement in 2024. 

Perception versus reality. It’s one of the hardest battles we fight in politics. We know the MAGA maniacs are going to lie about President Biden’s record and whip up their base of crazies with absurd conspiracy theorists. Their perception is complete lunacy, and we can’t change that. 

But with headlines like this flying around, it’s no wonder that polling has shown that half of Americans think a recession is around the corner. And the economic data is already showing we’re turning the corner and moving past a potential recession! The media is stuck in a negative narrative and they can’t let go of it. It’s extremely harmful.

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Inflation has nearly fallen to its 21st-century average, wages are on the rise, and domestic manufacturing is expanding past what anyone thought was possible a few years ago. This is hard data, a real snapshot of what is happening to the American economy.

But again, perception versus reality. Because when we turn on CNBC or scroll through our social media feeds, we’re still bombarded with stories that spell out economic doom. These stories started back when inflation was high in 2022, but regardless of the economic indicators, these narratives eat up the media landscape. 

Honestly reflect on how the negative news bias has seeped into your picture of the economy. Nobody is blaming you if you’ve fallen prey to the mainstream media’s grim projection.

That’s all to say this: the 2024 election and the future of our country could very well swing on whether our economic reality is able to match voters’ economic perceptions. 

Don’t get us wrong. Turning out those Bannon-line voters, and reminding the electorate that Trump is a repugnant authoritarian demagogue, are still key messaging points. With Trump’s 4th indictment coming in a matter of days, his lawlessness will be a motivating factor for millions of voters across the country. 

But fighting through the noise and making sure that Biden’s accomplishments shine through will still need to take equal stage. We can’t expect anyone else to bail us out here. MAGA will keep spinning lies, and mainstream media outlets will continue to eagerly play along. 

Many voters are already seeing prices go down, wages go up, and jobs open in their communities. But narratives are powerful, and it’s our job to make sure President Biden has the winning one. If you agree with that mission, pitch in today. Now is a great time to do it.


-Reed, Rick, Stuart, and Joe

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