Our Latest Community Survey: Messaging President Biden’s Accomplishments

Tomorrow, President Biden is traveling to Israel to send a clear message of solidarity and America’s unequivocal support. That’s what strong presidents do. Stand up for our closest allies. And show American leadership to save lives and stop terrorists.

In short, President Biden is doing the hard work. And just like his leadership with Ukraine, the American people should be confident that our President will rise to the challenge once again. 

Take our latest community survey and let us know how you think we should message President Biden’s strong diplomatic leadership to American voters >>

It’s also worth remembering how Trump handled relations with these two key allies. At the beginning of his presidency, he casually disclosed critical Israeli national security secrets to high-ranking Russian officials.

He also withheld crucial military aid in an attempt to coerce Ukraine into supporting outrageous conspiracy theories against the Biden family. The list of these betrayals could go on and on. And of course, after the Hamas attack, he called another terrorist group “smart” and Israel weak.

Look at the contrast. President Biden is working right now to make the United States stronger and the world safer. Trump does the exact opposite. It’s a message that will have real resonance with voters in 2024. We just need to deliver it. 

We have some more great spots planned that will do the job. And you know we’re going to send them to the voters who need to hear it the most. 

As we continue to build our ad campaign to support President Biden, we want to hear from you. Take our latest community survey and help shape the messaging strategy that will re-elect Biden and defeat Trump. Your voices shape our work and we’re always grateful for any thoughts you might have.


-The Lincoln Project

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