No Labels is a GOP Super PAC

Yeah, yeah. I know this is Trump Indictment Week. And you know we’re not ignoring it. That’s why we made two killer ads that are driving him absolutely insane right now. 

But I can walk and chew gum. I can whisper dark truths in Trump’s ear and point out an absolutely massive story that proves exactly what I’ve been saying about No Labels for months now. 

We already knew that the head of No Labels, Nancy Jacobson, and Ron DeSantis collect their checks from the same horde of billionaires. Now, by announcing their open support for Ron DeSantis, they’ve given up their centrist bipartisan BS.

The curtain is up and No Labels’ MAGA extremism is showing. 

So, why is a famously self-proclaimed supposedly centrist organization publicly backing a governor who has spent months pissing on Disney (to no avail), bashing his state’s LGBTQ community, and refusing to condemn the army of Nazis and white supremacists that openly flaunt themselves in his state? 

It’s because, and I want you all to scream this with me: No Labels is a GOP Super PAC. 

The billionaires who fund No Labels and Ron DeSantis want all the tax cuts, all the extremism, but they just want to cut back on Trump’s flagrant criminality a bit. They want that part to exist behind the scenes. They want to have their authoritarian cake and eat it too. They’re perfectly happy with Trump, but they’re making eyes at DeSantis because he doesn’t have the public baggage that embarrasses them at their white-tie cocktail parties.

They’re openly saying here that President Biden is an extremist and Ron DeSantis isn’t. Can you think of a more psychotic and bizarre assertion than that? 

And they’re not just using big billionaire bucks to help boost the wannabe authoritarian from Florida. They’re selling this faux centrism to journalists and small-dollar donors, and giving their shame PAC the credibility it needs to help elect DeSantis. Or, if he flaps his baby wings and drops into 5th place in the Iowa caucus, they’ll just run a third-party candidate and split the vote so Trump can waltz into office. 

Oh, the corruption, the venality, the extremism. That is No Labels. 

Johnson, this should enrage you. It should enrage you because No Labels is selling centrist snake oil to the same group of swing voters that we need to win if we’re going to defeat Trump and his MAGA army.

But are we really willing to let the sham operators at No Labels sound the death knell for American democracy? Obviously, not. We’ve got the message and we’ve got you. Are you with us?



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