WASHINGTON, DC US, March 18, 2020 Today, The Lincoln Project released a new ad, ‘A Virus In The World’ that asks tough questions about the real threat Donald Trump poses to America.

“Echoing one of the most iconic political ads of all time, this new ad poses the same kind of compelling questions that the 1984 Reagan “Bear in the Woods” ad asked Americans in 1984. In the face of a profound threat to America, what kind of leadership do we expect and deserve?” said Rick Wilson, cofounder of the Lincoln Project.**

“Just as “Bear” called into question those who treated the then-potent Soviet Union’s military threat seriously, so too, Donald Trump and his enablers behaved as if the growing threat of Covid-19/Coronavirus wasn’t serious for over six weeks.“Virus” is a successor to “Bear” and asks the same kind of tough questions.”

President Trump consistently denied the severe and dangerous nature of COVID-19, including declaring it to be “totally under control,” “we have pretty much shut it down,” “it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,” and “it’s going to go away.

President Trump waited until March 13, 2020 to declare a national emergency in response to the coronavirus threat. On March 15th he declared that the virus was “something we have tremendous control over.” As of yesterday there have been over 5,500 recorded cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and over 100 deaths from the virus.

The Lincoln Project is working to defeat Donald Trump and those candidates and officials, who have abandoned their constitutional oaths, regardless of party.