New Lincoln Project Ad Whispers Straight Into Trump’s Ear: You’re A Loser Donald 

October 2, 2023
As he sits in bed at Mar-A-Lago hate-watching Fox News, Donald Trump will be treated to a special surprise reminding him that he’s a loser. In a new ad today, titled ‘Broke’, Trump will be reminded how he is losing control of his businesses and that not even his family wants to associate with him. 

Watch the ad here: It will run digitally at the courthouse in Manhattan and Trump tower. It will also air later in the week on Fox in Mar-A-Lago. 

“Trump was never worth the money he claimed, it was all a lie,” said Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project. “Trump’s empire of lies is collapsing: the organization is being taken away from him, the legal bills are mounting, and even Melania renegotiated the pre-nup. This loser is facing the pressure now and there’s no one he can look to for help.“

– [Announcer] Oh Donald, you’re broke and busted.
A fraud, a con, a low rent rip-off artist.
We’ve always known it, so have you.
Now America knows it.
The courts are shutting down your crooked shell companies in New York.
Bank fraud, insurance fraud, you know those are crimes, right, Donald?
They’re dissolving the whole Trump organization scam right from under you.
Bankruptcy won’t save you this time.
You’ll have to sell off everything.
You might even lose control of that dump, Trump Tower.
No one will lend you money, Donald.
They won’t even let you hand it over to Junior or Eric.
Nevermind Ivanka, she hates you.
Everything you ever built was built on a lie.
You were never rich, never successful.
New York is laughing at you. Always has, always will.
And now, everyone knows it.
Broke, busted, the loser in chief.
– End Transcript – 

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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