The Lincoln Project Imagines Fred Trump’s Reaction To Donald Trump Losing The Family Business

February 16, 2024 – The Lincoln Project today released a groundbreaking AI ad imagining what Fred Trump would say to Donald Trump in the wake of today’s devastating $363 million financial judgment in New York. Trump’s organization and his family business face financial obliteration after being held accountable for decades of fraud, financial chicanery, and tax evasion.

Watch the ad, “Fred” here:

Rick Wilson, Lincoln Project co-founder said, “Donald Trump just lost the empire his father built. Fred may not be with us now, but in this spot we imagined just how Fred Trump would react to Donald’s record of decades of fraud catching up to him at long last.

“Trump frequently accuses his critics of using AI to make him look bad. We’ve always said it doesn’t take AI to make Trump look bad; Trump does that all by himself. 

“AI is here to stay in campaigns, and as we often do, the Lincoln Project is going right at Donald Trump with every tool in the toolbox. The ad is fully transparent that this voiceover is generated by AI, has clear on-screen disclaimers, and that the dialogue is our creative take on how Fred would react. It complies with current law, as do all LP ads. Buy stock in the ketchup sector.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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