Lincoln Project: Congressional GOP Are Trump’s Lap Dogs

March 7, 2024Today, the Lincoln Project is dropping a new ad imagining Trump’s thoughts on today’s GOP. It’s a party full of masochists who Donald Trump turned into subservient lemmings that follow him off any political cliff. No matter how many scams he pulls, laws he breaks, or lives he ruins, they’re cowards desperate for his approval. He knows it, they know it, and they’ll continue to do this dance into November.

Watch the ad here:

This ad is part of a new Lincoln Project strategy targeting the 219 Congressional GOP members and calling out their lap dog loyalty to Donald Trump. The ad will be geofenced on Capitol Hill for the next several days. 

– [Narrator] (imitating Donald Trump) Look at these suckers.
After everything that’s happened, you still back me.
It’s truly a thing to behold.
I wrecked the economy, screwed up COVID, ordered the attack on the Capitol that scared you into line.
But look, look.
I can get away with anything.
I mean, I humiliate you even when you support me and you won’t do anything about it.
God knows I’m a liar.
You know it too.
You know every case against me is real.
You know I stole classified documents.
You know I cheated on my taxes, defrauded my banks,cooked the books, cheated the little guys who work for me.
You think I don’t know I deserve to be impeached?
Of course I know, and you know it too.
And it happened twice.
But you won’t do a damn thing.
I’ve destroyed your party and you let me do it, practically begged me to.
You’re like dogs begging for scraps.
I know you don’t love me, but I like making you pretend that you do.
And it’s not like you have a choice.
You’re afraid of me, and you should be.

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The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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