The Lincoln Project released the following takeaways from the ninth January 6th Committee Hearing that took place October 13th:

  • Today’s hearing showed in clear and convincing terms that Donald Trump was responsible for the planning and execution of the insurrection. He directed a conspiracy to violently overthrow the results of a valid election and install himself as the illegitimate ruler of the United States of America. 


  • The hearings have shown how Trump created the conditions for the insurrection by stoking his supporters into a frenzy, encouraging them to ‘fight like hell’, and pushing them to march on the Capitol. He was unconcerned about the violence and actually wanted to join the mob. These actions are not consistent with someone interested in the peaceful transition of power. 


  • The American people deserve to hear directly from Donald Trump about his responsibility for January 6th. A democracy requires its leaders to be accountable to the people and explain their actions. Donald Trump is not above the law, nor should he be left off the hook because his followers may not like the outcome. 


  • Donald Trump is scared of a subpoena and will do everything in his power to delay and subvert the power of the committee. He will try to wait it out in hope that his cowardly lackey Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker and bails him out by killing the committee. 


  • Trump is involved in 19 criminal and civil cases. He is a habitual liar who will stop at nothing and sacrifice anyone to further his own ambitions and whims. He perverted our institutions and destroyed the nation’s standing in the world. He is simply the worst America has to offer and is a danger to democracy.


  • Trump cozied up to dictators, empowered white nationalists, and scapegoated entire ethnic groups and the rest of the party followed along. If Republicans take control of the House, they will do Putin’s bidding and try to stop funding the war in Ukraine. They are the party of dictators and authoritarians who do not care about governing a democratic nation. 


  • The Republican party cannot call itself the party of law and order. If they truly cared about crime they would condemn Donald Trump and call for his arrest. They use law and order as a racist dog whistle to voters in an attempt to win elections. They don’t care about crime – or any other policy – only about winning. 


  • Trump created the worst moment in American history since the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter. Even today he is still actively engaged in trying to get the results of the 2020 election overturned. He cannot be permitted to occupy any elected office, much less the Presidency. The only place he belongs is in a prison cell. 


  • We continue to warn all Americans that true MAGA believers will not see the hearings as any sort of revelation. It will only cause them to double and triple down on the Big Lie – making them more dangerous and perhaps more violent. Every single American must choose if they are the side of the seditionists who tried to tear down a free and fair election, or do they support our Republic and its democratic principles?

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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