“It’s Not How White Men Fight”

Yesterday, a text message leaked from a certain disgraced and unemployed Fox News host. It was a rambling and bizarre text. But here’s the most important excerpt:

“Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously… It’s not how white men fight.” – Tucker Carlson

It’s trademark white supremacy. And if you’ve stumbled on a clip of Tucker Carlson’s daily dosage of prep school racism, you wouldn’t be the least surprised he said it.

But the executives at Fox News claimed to be surprised. Just absolutely shocked that their beloved nightly news host was capable of such outrageous and racist rhetoric.

Good for Fox News for taking a stand, right? Nope. They supported Tucker while he provided catnip for the White Supremacist movement for years. 

We’re not buying it. Not one bit. All this does is further reveal the moral rot at Fox News. They’ll support racism, anti-democratic lies, and brainwashing as long as it serves their bottom line. When they pretend they don’t, remember that it’s just to save face. They’re still sending out Hannity, Ingraham, and Dana Perino to serve up their nightly garbage.

Luckily, they’ve been bleeding viewers as of late. And we’re looking to drive their viewers away until we can get them off the air for good. Make sure you watch and support our latest ad. Remember, it’s not directed at you. But democracy will benefit when it helps bankrupt Fox.

-The Lincoln Project

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