September 17, 2021 – Today, The Lincoln Project released a new ad — titled “Abbott’s Wall” — that will air nationally on the Longhorn Network during the University of Texas vs. Rice football game on Saturday, September 18. The ad is a visual reminder of Governor Greg Abbott’s failure to keep Texans safe from COVID-19. Texas is among the states leading the nation in virus deaths, with more than 3,800,000 diagnosed with COVID-19. In Texas alone, more than 60,000 people have died — enough coffins to stretch from Austin to San Antonio.

Following the release of our ad, Texas—and America— took notice.

Here’s what folks are saying about it:

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Anti-Trump Lincoln Project tackles Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with college football ad buy

“The television ad, named “Abbott’s Wall,” claims that if you made a wall from the caskets of Texans that died because of COVID-19, it would stretch from Austin to San Antonio. The ad features a gritty Texas landscape with captions that reveal dreadful coronavirus statistics. The commercial states that 3.8 million Texans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Of that total, 60,475 people have died. According to the ad, those deaths led to over 60,000 burials, with 85 miles of lumber used to make caskets.”

HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Anti-Trump Republicans attack Abbott over COVID death toll

“The ad comes as the death total for COVID IN Texas has been on a sharp incline. Since the beginning of the month, the state has announced 4,025 previously unreported deaths from the virus.

NEWSWEEK: Lincoln Project and Greg Abbott Spar Over Handling of Pandemic After College Football Ad

“The ad notes that Texas ‘is now one of the leading states in COVID deaths,’ that more than 3.8 million Texans have been diagnosed with the virus, and that more than 60,475 have died from it.”

SAN ANTONIO CURRENT: The Lincoln Project buys TV ad during UT-Rice game to blast Gov. Greg Abbott’s COVID-19 record

“After trolling Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in an online ad this week, the Lincoln Project is stepping up its game.

“The new anti-Abbott TV spot displays footage of desolate Lone Star State scrubland and states in captions that enough Texans died from COVID-19 to “fill a cemetery that would stretch from Austin to San Antonio.” The lumber from the caskets of those 60,475 dead Texans would build an 85-mile-long wall, the captions continue.”

RAW STORY: New Lincoln Project ad brutally rips Texas Gov. Abbott’s botching of the COVID-19 crisis

“The Lincoln Project issued a new ad lambasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”

THE INDEPENDENT: New Lincoln Project advert attacks Abbott

“Gregg Abbott has been targeted in an advert by The Lincoln Project for his handling of Covid in Texas, which is currently witnessing around 16,000 new cases a day – and almost as many as during January and February.”




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