Impaired (Of Course We’re Talking About Trump)

Our last ad focused on Trump’s favorite kid turning against him, and our sources say the video really got under his skin. So, what do you think makes him even more mad?

We all remember the cognition test he bragged about taking back in 2020, you know, the one where he had to correctly identify an elephant? He may have passed that one, but have you thought about the state his mind is in after spending three years surrounded by the world’s weirdest combination of sycophants and opportunists looking to flip and avoid jail time? 

We’ll let you judge for yourself. Check out the ad that’s making Trump angrier by the second:

Obviously, we’d like to keep running this ad as long as possible so everybody (including the man himself) has to see just how unwell Trump really is. There’s nothing Donald hates more than people laughing at his incompetence.

He is clearly impaired.

He is clearly unfit.

He is clearly wrong for America.

Pitch in and support our latest message campaign. Trump hates it when he can’t turn our ads off.


-The Lincoln Project

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