Humor Us About the First GOP Debate for a Second

Want a laugh? Think about the first GOP debate of the cycle. It’s next month.

  • Will Vivek Ramaswamy make you remember his name? 
  • Will Nikki Haley take a hard stance on well… anything?
  • Will Mike Pence be allowed alone on stage without Mother’s permission?
  • Will Ron DeSantis’ wardrobe people betray him again?
  • Will Chris Christie try to turn Trump into “little Marco?”
  • Will Tim Scott stand in the corner and robotically repeat Reagan quotes? The answer to that one is an unequivocal yes.

And the biggest question: Will Trump even show up? 

It’s no surprise that the MAGA clown show running the GOP would be in a fiasco like this. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy one of the most embarrassing debates in political history. 

Let’s say Trump is going to show up at the debate. He’s on stage barking at his opponents, daring for one of them to speak up and turn on their party leader. What’s going to happen? Who’s going to go after Trump?

The only way any of these clowns can graduate from “wannabe” to “mostly wannabe” is to take a run at Dear Leader. Who’s gonna do it, and what’s the funniest way they could?

So that’s our question for you today, Johnson. Who’s it going to be? Will Chris Christie try to do to Trump what he did to Rubio in 2016? Will Nikki Haley dare criticize her former boss? 

Tell us: what would have you spitting your drink (ok, drinks) out fastest during the first debate?


It’s going to be a circus, so we might as well have some fun with it!

-The Lincoln Project

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