Happy Holidays to Everyone Except Him

Happy holidays! I know most of you don’t know me as a man full of merry and joy. I’m the guy who sets Mar-a-lago on fire and makes Trump’s holiday meals quieter than church. 

But really, this is my favorite time of year. I get to cook for my family and friends. Give gifts (I’m a  great gift giver, who do you think ships 99 cent hair dye to Trump and Rudy every year?) And it’s a time to reflect on the year’s work. Everything that we accomplished together.

Every Trump tantrum. Every voter reached. Every pro-democracy win. It’s a great time to reflect on it all. 

That’s why I want you to take a moment to share my favorite Trump ad of the year. Of course, it’s no coincidence that this ad was the one that unleashed his biggest rant against us yet…

So watch it today and have a good laugh this holiday season. Then, pitch in and support our fight to keep taking it to Trump in 2024. Every dollar you send in to help our movement will go to making him mad. And more importantly, defeating him in the most important election of our lifetime. 


Good tidings to all! (Except him)


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There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.