December 13, 2021 — Today, The Lincoln Project released “Hotline,” in response to Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to set up a state-funded phone number to allow anti-vaccine advocates to report businesses that require employees to be vaccinated to prove his far right, extremist bona fides. Earlier this fall, he showed a similar lack of decency, will or commitment to public health and safety.

In October, after receiving political pressure from Don Huffines, a contender for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Abbott removed suicide prevention resources — including information regarding a suicide hotline — for LGBTQ youth from a government website.

“In yet another act of political cowardice, Governor Abbott continued his turn to the hard-right, this time at the expense of young lives,” said Lincoln Project co-founder and Texan Reed Galen. “Texans’ lives — especially young ones — are not political pawns with which the Governor can move around and sacrifice. As the Primary Election nears, there is no limit to what Abbott will do in his quest for a third term as Texas governor. Right-wing extremism isn’t simply on the rise in Texas — it occupies the Governor’s mansion.

The full ad can be viewed here.

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy movement in the country. It is our mission to protect Americans’ right to vote, choose their leaders, and defend democracy against those candidates and groups who would dismantle it.

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