Facts Beat the No Labels Myth

There’s a few reasons why No Labels is in the news this week. First, because they’ve announced their plan to nominate a third-party candidate at a convention in April. Remember when they said they weren’t a political party? Yeah, add that to a list of lies they’re trying to sell to the American public. 

Second, another six-figure Trump donor has emerged as one of their senior advisers and key financial backers. It reminds us of the old saying, two’s a company, but thousands of Trump donors is a sign that you’re aiding the downfall of our democratic Republic. 

Just remember. No Labels is Trump’s best shot at winning. Repeat that over and over. 

If we let No Labels lies go unanswered and let them nominate a third party candidate that successfully divides the electorate, Trump will win. 

We’re leading the charge to stop that from happening. Check out our Myth vs. Fact spreadsheet on No Labels below and share it with the swing voters in your life. Then pitch in to help sustain the charge to beat No Labels and Trump.


A No Labels “Unity Ticket” has a viable path to 286 electoral votes. 


There is zero chance a third-party ticket can win the Presidency; It has never before happened in American history. They have no chance to score 33% of the Electoral College, nevermind 50%.

In order to pull off what they claim is their “plan,” No Labels would need to achieve the impossible: win all battleground states and a number of strong Biden states – including his home state of Delaware. Most states No Labels would hope to win would only be attainable by fracturing Biden’s vote share in the state. Among Democrats, Joe Biden maintains a 77% approval rating which makes winning democratic states highly implausible. 


No Labels polling proves that a “common sense majority” of Americans will vote for their ticket. 


Every single poll that asks voters about a generic third party has them losing – including their own. “The group’s polling from December 2022, which was shared Sunday with The Washington Post, found that the unnamed “moderate independent” candidate was supported by 20 percent of registered voters, compared with 28 percent for Biden and 33 for Trump.”

No Labels has refused to publicly release any polling information that supports their electoral viability or a path to 270+ electoral votes. Requests for crosstabs, polling methodology, margins of error and state polling have been denied. 


No Labels will have a robust, transparent, and open nominating process.


There will be no “real” nominating process or primary. No Labels has been intentionally vague, and what little they have revealed on such an important process indicates delegates will be asked to vote on a candidate that is decided on by the No Labels nominating committee in conjunction with staff wishes. The nominating committee itself will be hand-selected by No Labels’ staff. 

By design, there’s no opportunity for supporters to say who should be the nominee. This is the very definition of a smoke-filled back room with high dollar donors and party insiders making decisions. 


No Labels is a national grassroots movement of common sense Americans sick of both political parties. 


No Labels is funded by a collection of corporate executives and the same Republican mega-donors who have bankrolled Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and other MAGA extremists. The organization has hired Republican finance staff to court GOP donors. While they claim they are interested in bringing people together, they are willing to risk returning Donald Trump, the most divisive president in our history, to the White House.

-The Lincoln Project


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There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.