August 19, 2022Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the leading 2024 Presidential candidate against Donald Trump, favorite of Washington’s political class, and recipient of over $100 million of money from ex-Trump donors is flexing his political muscle while an impotent and helpless Trump is hiding in Bedminster.

DeSantis’s tour through Pennsylvania and Ohio today to nominally rally support for two of the worst candidates this election cycle is already being seen for what it is; a direct attack on Donald Trump’s grip on the MAGA base. For DeSantis to campaign with two candidates who even give Trump pause puts the lie to the DC Establishment’s fantasy that DeSantis is “Trump without the problems” and that he’s a “normal” Presidential candidate. Ron DeSantis is trying to out-Trump Donald Trump…and it’s working.

In Pennsylvania, DeSantis is rallying for Doug Mastriano. Mastriano is a January 6th conspirator and traitor who joined with America’s enemies when he stood with the insurrectionist mob as it attacked our Republic, brutalized police and called on Vice President Pence to be killed during the attack.

Mastriano pushes lurid conspiracies of voter fraud that defy reality and common sense while working to disenfranchise millions of Pennsylvanians. The Lincoln Project released an ad telling the Mastriano story that can be viewed here.

In Ohio, DeSantis is meeting with the MAGA radical, J.D. “Shamebeard” Vance, who has disqualified himself from public office by saying that women in violent and abusive marriages shouldn’t divorce. This was not some flippant comment, but a true look into his beliefs and values. You can watch The Lincoln Project’s ad here on this amoral con artist who wants women out of the workplace, out of public life, and back in the kitchen where he believes they belong.

DeSantis’s star is rising as he moves to overtake Donald Trump as the standard-bearer for the authoritarian movement formerly known as the GOP. As he seduces MAGA voters in two critical Presidential battleground states and prepares for his upcoming primary battle with Donald Trump, the Lincoln Project reminds Trump that we warned him that DeSantis was coming for him.

“It’s no surprise to see Ron DeSantis amp up his campaign against Donald Trump by campaigning for edge-case candidates like J.D. Vance and Doug Mastriano,” said Rick Wilson, The Lincoln Project co-founder. “Directed by his master strategist Christian Pushaw, an alt-right activist who speaks fluent MAGA and directs all aspects of his campaign, DeSantis isn’t just embracing candidates known for their ugly misogyny and open rebellion against our country. These people aren’t just who he’s endorsing; they’re who he is.”

The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy.

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