Trygve Olson, Senior Advisor

Trygve Olson, advisor with The Lincoln Project.

Trygve Olson is the founder of Viking Strategies LLC, which provides clients worldwide with customized sovereign political risk and public affairs solutions. Mr. Olson focuses his work on developing understanding, devising strategies, and implementing cutting-edge networks and tactics to impact high-level perceptions and ultimate outcomes.

Trygve has spent his career working at senior levels on elections in over thirty countries. In the United States has served in senior leadership positions on three Presidential campaigns, worked on numerous Congressional Elections, and done work for all the central Republican Party’s political committees. Abroad, he has spent over two decades working on behalf of the International Republican Institute (IRI) around the world. In 2001, he opened IRI’s Belarus program and office in Vilnius, Lithuania. Through this work, he was deployed worldwide to train activists fighting for democracy across the region, including Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and across Central Asia.

Mr. Olson is a sought-after speaker on democracy, autocracy, and the sovereign political risks in the battle between the two. He regularly briefs leaders in politics, business, academia, and the media on these topics. Trygve splits his time, with his wife and two daughters, between the Washington, DC area and Europe.

He is @TrygveOlson on Twitter.