A Roadmap to Victory

When Trump was indicted AGAIN, I immediately wrote to you about two things. 

  1. This is a historic and completely unprecedented moment in American politics. We can’t downplay it. We can’t normalize it. Or, we risk playing into the hands of the Trump campaign. Now, with that being said, we need to recognize… 
  2. This indictment doesn’t mean anything for the GOP primary. That’s the sad truth about the state of our politics right now. Do you need any more proof that MAGA has completely engulfed the GOP? Their leading candidate appeared in court for attempting to defraud American voters. If he doesn’t end up in The White House, he’ll go to jail. The stakes are that extreme. 

Now that we’ve acknowledged those facts, we can get to the hopeful part. A path to victory. 

I’ve been talking about this with Rick, Stu, and Joe for a while now and we’re going to get into more specifics as we get closer to Election Day. But we want to make sure you know some of the main themes behind our strategy discussions. 

Don’t fall into the trap of wishful thinking. This goes directly back to what I said up top. There isn’t a candidate or a courtroom that is going to take Trump out of the general election. It’s that simple. I’m sick and tired of seeing media headlines about Tim Scott’s ground game in Iowa, or Ron DeSantis’ great comeback. Have you seen the polls in Iowa? Have you seen DeSantis speak to a voter without sounding like he’s an alien attempting to imitate a human? There’s only one nominee and one matchup. It’s President Biden vs. Trump. 

We aren’t wishing. We aren’t waiting. That’s why we’re asking for your help now >>

That means we have to run this general election now. The NYT released a poll that showed President Biden and Trump tied. Just like in 2020, this election is going to come down to a handful of states and tens of thousands of voters. Yes, our democracy is literally on a knife’s edge. If we’re going to get the turnout we need in the Georgia suburbs, Detroit, or in Maricopa County, we need to start running a general election now. What does that mean? 

Shout President Biden’s accomplishments from the rooftop. We need every voter to know that Biden is presiding over an incredibly strong economy; wages are rising, inflation is low, and employment is high. And our President worked with Congress to pass several incredibly consequential pieces of legislation to make that possible. He did things Trump couldn’t imagine doing even on days when he wasn’t running around undermining the core tenets of our democracy. 

Right now, the job is to make sure that every voter we can reach knows that contrast. With polls showing a tie, and the stakes this high, we need to act like the general election has already started. 

Again, we’ve got loads of specific plans that we’re excited to share with you soon. But for now, I want to make sure you know our roadmap to victory. As always, I’d appreciate it if you could support the work that makes it all possible.


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There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.