Lincoln Project Ad Asks Americans to Pick A Side

WASHINGTON, DC US, April 24, 2020 – Today, The Lincoln Project released a new video entitled, “Two Americans.” The video draws stark comparisons between those who are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and those who back the Trump campaign’s drive to engineer protests in the streets opposing the vital social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines in the states.

“We have seen two different types of Americans emerge through this pandemic,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “There are those who blindly follow President Trump and fight science and fact on the President’s behalf. Then there are the first responders, doctors, nurses who are risking their lives, and everyday Americans who have sacrificed so much for the good of their neighbors. We are now asking everyone to think about which kind of American they are— selfish and angry Trump supporters, or patriots willing to make sacrifices for the good of the country?”

“Trump supporters’ unwavering trust in him will lead to more chaos, confusion, and illness. In a crisis we need a leader who will steer the country toward clarity, unity, and healing—not a leader who aims to sow more discord, hate, and division.”


There is no time for complacency.

There is no time for living room activism. Every day must be spent asking ourselves if we’re doing our part, if we’re doing enough to ensure that the grand idea called America continues.

Thank you for joining us in this fight.