Today, The Lincoln Project released its sixth digital video, “What Do You Call Thom Tillis?” highlighting Senator Thom Tillis spineless servility to Donald Trump.

“Thom Tillis thinks that he can stand in Donald Trump’s shadow on the road to reelection,” said Jennifer Horn, spokesperson for The Lincoln Project. “North Carolinians want a leader who stands for American principles, not an obedient servant to Donald Trump’s unprincipled policies.

“Tillis has repeatedly humiliated and undermined North Carolinians for Trump’s benefit, allowing Trump to cut funds for teachers and students, while turning a blind-eye to Trump’s cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and disability benefits that will harm North Carolina’s citizens.”

Tillis began serving as the junior U.S. Senator for North Carolina in 2015.

The Lincoln Project is working to defeat Donald Trump and those candidates who have abandoned their constitutional oaths, regardless of party.